DeeJay Dan (deejaydan1982) wrote,
DeeJay Dan

DeeJay Dan - Mixes 2021

DeeJay Dan - ArabianDeep 3-4-5-6-7
DeeJay Dan - Hi-Tech 7-8-9 Hi-Tech Psytrance / Dark Psy / Psycore
DeeJay Dan - Arabica Arabian EDM
DeeJay Dan - Arabian Adventures 7 Middle East EDM / Big Room / Dance / Club
DeeJay Dan - Frenchcore 1-2-3-4 Euphoric Frenchcore / SpeedCore / Hardcore / Hardtek / Uptempo
DeeJay Dan - Turbo NRG 1-2 Frenchcore / 180-190 BPM / SpeedCore / Hardcore / Hardtek
DeeJay Dan - Arabian Breaks 6
DeeJay Dan - Halloween Dubstep 6
DeeJay Dan - White Nights 16-17-18 Melodic Euphoric Progressive House
Tags: 2021, arab, arabian, arabic, deejay dan, deep, deep house, dj dan, east, eastern, egypt, egyptian, exclusive, house, inshallah, mashallah, melodic house, middle east, new, oriental, oriental house, progressive, progressive house, sarov, soltan, tech, tech house, turkish, Саров, Саровский, араб, восток, диджей Дэн, дип, дип хаус, дипхаус, иншалла, иншаллах, машалла, машаллах, мелодик хаус, новинка, ориентал, прогрессив, прогрессив хаус, тек хаус, теч хаус, хаус, эксклюзив

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